Modern Bar Stools – stylish to sit!

Modern bar stools are designed in different shapes and for a contemporary or modern look. These stools are now becoming more popular for use and are a perfect addition to any home. They are useful in a variety of ways to update your home bar, for informal dining in the kitchen area or even for seating of people in a public house to provide an appealing and creative look. They are available in varying and attractive styles than common wooden stools and they complement the theme of the place where they are used. Modern bar stools fit in both home and commercial settings.

Selecting Bar Stools:

Bar stools are made in a wide range of modern styles at different prices. You may have to decide on a few common aspects when you buy bar stools. Different kinds of bar stools have various functional features. These stools may be used over a bar counter, in a kitchen, on a work table, a vanity, in a laboratory and for drafting. The bar stools may be with swivels, folding types, adjustable, backless, with backs, with arms, cushioned or without cushioning.
You will find a wide selection of latest innovative ideas of designs of bar stools and counter chairs in wood, metal, stainless steel, plastic and different combination of materials. Most bar stools are also upholstered. There is no end to the variety of colors and finishes providing you with several options for the ideal selection to suit your needs. You may go for a designer look for your kitchen, your outdoor patio and any other use and select from different sizes.


The normal height of seat for a bar stool is around 24″ – 30″ from the ground. A stool with 26″ height is generally used against kitchen counters. The tall bar stools have a seat height of 32″ – 36″.

Modern tall bar stools are commonly used in contemporary designs with pub tables to provide an eye-catching visual effect in modern interiors. They are also used in several places like the kitchen, a garage workplace or a game room. Use of the bar stools makes them versatile. The user can easily look around perched upon a tall bar stool.

The height is an important factor while ordering. It should have a suitable seat height depending on the height of the counter or the furniture with which it is used. The height is a functional requirement. Some stools are available with a footrest.

A simple rule in deciding the seat height is to have a clearance of about 8-10 inches from the lower of the tabletop to the stool seat top to have enough room for your legs to sit comfortably.

Design and Construction:

The modern bar stools are manufactured in different types of constructions. There are bar stools with armrests, backs and padding on the seat surface. Bar stools can range from basic wooden designs to extremely detailed ones with a custom-made for the perfect fit. Some common features include extra short, extra tall, indoor bar stools and outdoor bar stools.

There is no limit of designs to choose. You may have a specific design of bar counters, table or counter and you can buy a wide range of matching iron, metal, stainless steel or wood bar stools. There is a variety of the designs and features, materials and finishes that can satisfy your needs and will complement the particular area. Swivel and floor mounted bar stools are common. Floor mounting limits the mobility.

The modern wooden bar stools are also constructed from different species of wood including, teak, oak, rubber, etc., for their sturdiness and appealing designs. The metal stools may be made of iron, aluminum, stainless steel or a combination of materials like brass and wood. These are more suitable for exterior use in modern home styles. Wrought-iron bar stools with epoxy coatings can withstand harsh weather. The metal bar stools are also used with matching contemporary styles of counters and furniture even inside.

You can use upholstered bar stools for extra comfort and longer sitting. The upholstery can be with different types of fabric or leather using cotton, leather; faux, suede, vinyl or linen in various designs and colors. Upholstered bar chairs provide elegance to the decor of the room.

These days, even plastic bar stools have become common in some homes. They also come in unique designs and colors and are exceedingly sturdy, durable and comfortable.

The bar stools have different types of finishes depending on their material and designs and the use. You may get thousands of finishes and colors. You can also customize the choice of your finish. It is also necessary to look for the sturdiness of these stools when you order.

You can buy quality commercial and residential modern bar stools for your needs. These reviews will make it easier for you to go for the right selection.

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